Laddio Bolocko

Laddio Bolocko Laddio Bolocko was a noise rock band from New York City, formed in 1996 by members of Panicsville and Dazzling Killmen. Their sound has drawn comparisons to experimental rock groups such as This Heat and Can and free jazz musicians like Albert Ayler. The band favored limited releases, offering only small pressings of their original albums. They toured internationally, recording & releasing the EP "As if by Remote" in Europe only. After disbanding in 2000, Armstrong and St. Ivany formed a new noise rock band, The Psychic Paramount, while Fleming and DeGrazia formed Electric Turn to Me. No Quarter Records released the anthology of Laddio Bolocko in 2003, compiling all three original releases for the first time widely available to the listening public.

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