Damages DAMAGES is: Andrew, Carl, Hieg, Motor Damages were started by Andrew, Hieg, and Andy. All three had played in Vancouver’s All Through a Life and Deadsure and wanted to start a band that captured the sound and spirit of ‘90s post-hardcore, drawing from the legacy of Dischord, Ebullition and Touch & Go/Am-Rep. The lineup was rounded out with Carl of Circles and Keep it Clear, and Motor (Blue Monday, Circles, KIC) took over on drums after the release of the “Scars” 7” on Clue#2 Records. Damages harks back to a time before the word “emo” became anathema in Hardcore circles, and bands like Shotmaker, Policy of 3 and Four Hundred Years were producing passionate and creative Hardcore records. Damages are neither a tribute band nor an anachronism though. They are a reminder that great music played with heart and conviction always has a place in the Hardcore community. @Friendly_Bomb РОТ ТВОЙ ЕБАЛ КУРВА .

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